Deliver Us From Abortion
by Brian Fisher

Get the book into the hands of every pastor in Illinois

What is Deliver Us From Abortion?

The majority of American churches, God’s institutions for spreading the gospel of peace and defending the weak and innocent, remain silent. Feeding the poor, stopping human trafficking, rescuing children from abuse, and protecting women from exploitation are all issues the church is addressing. Yet abortion remains eerily absent from the list of church priorities in America. Why is abortion not the church's highest priority?

Is the American church silent because abortion has become politicized and church leaders are afraid to discuss it or because we simply don’t know what the Bible says about it? What will cause the church to wake up, rise up and take this issue to task to save our children?


We have been inspired by what Jessica has done and is doing. We encourage you to be a part of it.

Jessica's Story

When her mom found out her teenage daughter was pregnant, Jessica was only given one option- get an abortion. Like so many other young women, Jessica struggled for years with the guilt and anger that the abortion caused.

It wasn't until she attended a post-abortive Bible study and was given Brian Fisher's newest book that the healing and urge to take action began. The Biblically based message in Deliver Us From Abortion: Awakening the Church to End the Killing of America’s Children caused Jessica to feel a tremendous call from God to get the book in the hands of every pastor in her local area. Since then, God has enlarged this goal to include the entire state of Illinois.

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A Pastor's Story

Rev. Dr. Julian Spencer

Pastors are beginning to awaken to the tragedy of abortion and the need for the church to rise up and be a part of ending abortion in America. The Rev. Dr. Spencer shares his story, but he also represents so many other pastors who are realizing just how critical it is to drag this hidden sin into the light so that women and men can find healing, hope and grace. Once healing has happened, there is power in the testimony of God's goodness and faithfulness. Will you help other pastors come to the same realization by making sure they receive this powerful book?

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